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Your way to become an OSCOACH

At the moment our OSCOACHES are mainly from the countries Germany, Austria and Switzerland - this we want to change in 2022. From 26th to 28th May 2022 for the first time we will host online the english education to become an OSCOACH. What is the OSCOACH education, what are its benefits and to those who do not know us yet - who is the OSINSTITUT? Today we would like to introduce ourselves and the OSCOACH education.

First of all – the OSINSTITUT: knowledge at first hand

The OSINSTITUT consists of an interdisciplinary team of physiotherapists and sports scientists. We offer seminars in the fields of prevention, rehabilitation and return to sport. Under the direction of Matthias Keller, Volker Hacker and Dr. Eduard Kurz, practical experience and current evidence are taught. We focus on the analysis of movement and posture as well as the optimization of movement patterns. Therefore we teach the Return to Activity Algorithms (RTAA®) for the upper and lower extremities as well as the spine, the PREHAB SCREEN® and the Return to Sport Systematics, each developed by the OSINSTITUT.

Become an OSCOACH

As an OSCOACH ortho & sports expert, you will be a certified graduate of our seminar system. In addition to your professional expertise, the interdisciplinary and structured approach will enable you to re-link existing knowledge and improve communication within your team. Your patients, customers and athletes will benefit from this. The RTAA® is the link between prevention, rehabilitation and athletic training. Especially in an interdisciplinary work environment, the OSCOACHES benefit from their wide-ranging training and shared specialist knowledge.


  • OSCOACH ortho & sports experts stand for quality. Not only practices, clubs and associations know this, but also athletes and patients.
  • You are listed on the OSINSTITUT homepage and can be searched by location and contacted directly.
  • You are in professional exchange with the OSINSTITUT.
  • Lifelong learning: you will benefit from regular update events and exclusive discounts on our seminar offerings.
  • You will be an expert in the Return to Activity Algorithms (RTAA®), the PREHAB SCREEN® and the Return to Sport Systematics: testing, evaluation, selection and guidance of appropriate exercises.

Your way to become an OSCOACH

Module Prehab 26th -28th May 2022

In the module Prehab, meaningful tests for a conclusive and feasible preventive screening are presented, practised and discussed. Particular focus is placed on the PREHAB SCREEN® system developed by OSINSTITUT. After the module Prehab, you will be able to use different tests and screening tools in a targeted way, interpret the results and draw the appropriate training-therapeutic consequences (PREHAB exercises). You are now optimally prepared to adequately plan and control a preventive training.

Functional Screening

  • Definition of basic terms: screening, measurement, testing, assessment prevention: analysis and assessment of posture and movement
  • Elements of pre-injury and risk screening 
  • Critical discussion of the predictive value of individual tests
  • Presentation and implementation of a screening system (PREHAB SCREEN®)

Prehab Training

 Functional Training: definition, when to use it, limitations

  • coaching strategies
  • PREHAB exercises and functional exercises 
  • How to design a preventive training plan

Various screening methods are used to analyze movement patterns. Prehab exercises are an important part of prehab training

Seminar notice:

Module Prehab // 26th - 28th May 2022

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Module Rehab 27th -29th October 2022

The module Rehab is about the basics, the background and the methods of Functional Rehab focusing on the lower and upper extremities as well as the spine. Using the Return to Activity Algorithms (RTAA®), you will learn to assess the functional condition of patients and to instruct appropriate REHAB exercises.

After this module, you will be able to control the physical strain of your patients after injuries or surgeries and to bring them back safely into activity or sport.

You will also learn tests and training principles for reconditioning basic motor skills such as strength, endurance, speed and agility and be able to guide on-field rehabilitation in the context of a return to sport.

Functional Rehab

  • Introduction to Functional Rehab
  • Return to Activity Algorithms (RTAA®) for the lower and upper extremities and the spine: tests, evaluation and REHAB exercises 
  • Evidence review and case studies 
  • Planning and management of rehabilitation 
  • The biopsychosocial model 
  • Subgroups and classification of back pain 
  • Progression to return to sport, including tests and training strategies for flexibility, strength, endurance, speed and agility 
  • Planning and management of on-field rehabilitation

The Return to Activity Algorithm (RTAA®) is the key element of the Rehab module. It consists of qualitative and quantitative tests and corresponding REHAB exercises.

Seminar notice:

Module Rehab // 27th - 29th October 2022

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Final exam OSCOACH

Once you have attended the modules Prehab and Rehab, you can take the final exam to be certified as an OSCOACH. The exam consists of a multiple-choice test.