OSCOACH international
May I have your attention please… english-speaking OSCOACH education

For the first time, we will offer the OSCOACH education as an english online format in the coming year. We will start at the end of May 2022 with the Prehab module.

The content of our training courses is internationally requested. Over and over again, we receive inquiries for inhouse seminars or whether our events are also offered in english. And starting next year, we can say: Here you go. After we have already held individual events in the past, there will now be an official english-language education to become an OSCOACH.

In two three-day online seminars, participants will learn everything about the PREHAB SCREEN® and Return to Activity Algorithms (RTAA®) developed by the OSINSTITUT for the lower and upper extremities and the spine.

Module Prehab

The first three-day seminar, from 26th to 28th of May 2022, will be the Prehab module. Here, meaningful tests for conclusive and feasible preventive screening will be presented, practiced and discussed. Particular focus is placed on the PREHAB SCREEN®.

After the Prehab module, participants will be able to use various tests and screening tools in a systematic manner, interpret the results and draw the appropriate training-therapeutic consequences (PREHAB exercises). They will now be optimally prepared to adequately plan and manage a training program with a preventive focus.

Module Rehab

The second, three-day unit, the Rehab module, follows in autumn, 27th to 29th of October 2022. Here, the focus is on the rehabilitation of patients and athletes. The basics, background and methods of functional rehab will be presented. Using the Return to Activity Algorithms (RTAA®) for the lower and upper extremities as well as the spine, the participants will learn how to assess the functional condition of patients and how to lead appropriate REHAB exercises. In addition, strategies for a successful transition from a return to activity to a return to sport will be demonstrated and taught.

After completing the Rehab module, participants will be able to manage their patient's weight post-injury or post-surgery and safely return them to activity or sport.