Seminar system
Final exam

After successfully completing the modules Prehab and Rehab, you are eligible to take the final exam to become a certified OSCOACH.


Full completion of the OS seminar system:

  • Modules Prehab
  • Modules Rehab


By completing the OS seminar system, you will be part of the OSCOACHES team. You will benefit from the reputation of the education at practices, clubs, associations, athletes and patients as well as from the active integration into our network.

  • Listing on the homepage of the OSINSTITUT
  • Referral of your contact to interested parties from your area
  • continuous professional exchange with the OSINSTITUT
  • certified expert for the Return to Activity Algorithm (RTAA®): screening, evaluation, selection and guidance of appropriate exercises

Special notes:

Modules can be attended in any order.

Target groups:

Physical therapists, sports scientists, physicians, athletic trainers and licensed coaches.

Included services:



After passing the final exam, you will receive the certification to become an OSCOACH in the form of a certificate.

Information about the exam:

  • takes place after the last module
  • contains questions from all modules of the OS seminar system
  • Form of examination: multiple choice
  • Passing limit: 60% of the questions

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