Return to Activity Algorithm - Lower Extremity

The Return to Activity Algorithm for the lower extremity is a functional post-treatment approach to injuries of the entire lower extremity. As such, it differs from many test batteries described in the scientific literature, which are usually limited to one structure or one injury. With the RTAA® Lower Extremity, the patient is gradually guided back to his desired activity in the sense of an active therapy. In the process, he passes through up to four levels. Each level is assigned a qualitative and a quantitative test, each of which inquires about the basic functions of the desired activity or type of sport. The test results for each level can be used to derive direct training therapy consequences. To climb up a level, the patient should successfully pass all previous levels. When evaluating the quantitative tests, a comparison with the healthy side (keyword: Limb Symmetry Index, LSI) as well as the values from a pre-injury screening can be used for decision-making.