Return to Activity Algorithmus - overview

The Return to Activity Algorithms (RTAA®) are a centerpiece of our concept of active rehabilitation. The RTAA® is a functional rehabilitation scheme in which the patient's return to their targeted activity level is implemented in a progressive manner. Functional tests are used to assess the patient's basic functions. Once the patient reaches a certain level of movement quality and quantity, the next step is taken.

This objective method enables a rehabilitation process, which is based on the patient's ability to cope with physical loads and, in addition, allows for communication of these findings without any room for interpretation - especially in an interdisciplinary context. Based on the test results, direct training-therapeutic consequences in the form of individual REHAB exercises can be derived. The RTAA® was developed for the upper and lower extremities as well as the spine and is used in the rehabilitation of amateur and competitive athletes as well as non-athletes.