The OSINSTITUT works with valued and established partners from industry, education and sport. In order to achieve a network of competences, the OSINSTITUT is in constant exchange with professional institutions from the field.


The OSINSTITUT is in professional exchange with clubs, associations and their experts and supports them in the fields of education and training in prevention, rehabilitation and athletic training.

Bavarian Athletics Association "Bayerischer Leichtathletikverband (BLV)"


TSG 1899 Hoffenheim

Further clubs the OSINSTITUT is in exchange with or cooperates in terms of seminars:

  • 1. FC Köln
  • SC Freiburg
  • FC St. Pauli
  • RB Leipzig
  • FC Augsburg
  • Hertha BSC Berlin
  • FC St. Gallen 1879


The OSINSTITUT cooperates with institutes, academies and schools in the field of professional education and training through seminars, lectures, workshops or similar events.

Education Centre of the State Sports Federation of Saxony "Bildungswerk des Landessportbundes Sachsen"

Physio Austria

Federal Association of Physiotherapists in Austria

Thieme Group

THIM - The international school of physiotherapy

Trainer Academy Cologne of the German Olympic Sports Confederation

ZHAW School of Health Sciences


Our partners within the industry are companies and enterprises that produce and distribute training devices or equipment and offer services for training and therapy. They support the OSINSTITUT by providing their products to the institute for research and teaching.


Ergonomic Sport System


Advertising design mats


The brand for health, fitness and sport