• A big thank you for the online seminar. I was particularly enthusiastic about the format. I have never taken part in something like this before and was a bit hesitant at first. But it was fun and you did a great job. The seminar has motivated and encouraged me to push and implement the Return to Activity Algorithm in our rehab.

    Robin Rasch, Sports scientist
  • The OSCOACH education was the most beneficial training I have ever done for the care of my patients and athletes. Evidence-based rehabilitation and function-based load control in training was a huge step forward and is now implemented by me for every patient after injury or surgery. The team of lecturers around Matthias Keller is an enrichment for everyone, both professionally and personally, and the exchange within the network is great. Education at the OSINSTITUT is a must for every orthopaedic/chirurgical (sports) physiotherapist.

    Carsten Rauch, Physiotherapist, Owner of CORPORE
  • As a german premium manufacturer of innovative training equipment, we value the long-standing and trusting cooperation with the OSINSTITUT highly. Through the use of our products and the exchange with the employees and OSCOACHES, new impulses and ideas are constantly generated.

    Wolfgang Moosleitner, Sales and Marketing Director TOGU GmbH
  • Everyone who wants to improve their daily work with athletes benefits from the practice-oriented research of the OSINTITUT and its seminar system.

    Sebastian Capel, UKE sports scientist, rehabilitation trainer Hamburger SV
  • The close and trusting cooperation has given me many new impulses for the planning and design of sustainable athletic training for junior track and field athletes in general and middle distance runners in particular.

    Andreas Knauer, Head Coach of the Bavarian Athletics Association (BLV)
  • What excites me the most about my education to become an OSCOACH is the structured approach of the seminar contents and the direct practicability in the daily practice. As the owner of a physiotherapy centre, I have been looking for an algorithm like the RTAA for a long time, which is not based on time guidelines, but on an individual increase in load as the basis of treatment and rehabilitation, and which can be used easily and quickly.

    Susanne Menne, Physiotherapist, owner of studio.bewegt
  • Through the cooperation with the OSINSTITUT, we have a close professional exchange and a reliable partner by our side. The Return to Activity Algorithm is an integral part of our rehabilitation programme.

    Carsten Schünemann, Head coach athletics junior training centre Hamburger SV, OSCOACH since 2015
  • The tests of the OSINSTITUT are very well received by my patients. With normal people as well as with professional athletes. I think the tests and screening methods are a great way to tell people clearly at which level they are performing and where improvements should be made! I am thrilled!

    Katja Franz, Physiotherapist
  • The close exchange with the OSINSTITUT enriches my daily work and provides inspiration and professional development. It is outstanding that we have also been working with the OSINSTITUT for years in terms of content and could constantly develop ourselves in this way. The Return to Activity Algorithm has become an integral part and important foundation for us in training and rehabilitation.

    Otmar Rösch, Athletics and rehab coach TSG 1899 Hoffenheim, OSCOACH since 2017
  • Since several years we have been enjoying a diverse and very trustful cooperation with the OSINSTITUT. During the seminars, the participants can always rely on the quality of our products. Feedback from the OSINSTITUT while testing new product ideas as well as new forms of application is very important to me personally. At the same time, I also value the network and the exchange with the OSINSTITUT as well as the OSCOACHES.

    Tim Hüfner, Flexible Sports GmbH
  • The seminars to become an OSCOACH have once again fundamentally expanded and enhanced my diagnostic view for the daily work with patients and athletes. In particular, the professional exchange with the outstandingly competent lecturers and instructors extends far beyond the actual courses. I would no longer want to miss it.

    Dr. med. Cornelia van Hauten (Cooperation doctor at the Rhineland Olympic Training Centre, senior physician in trauma surgery/orthopaedics)
  • The seminars have given me an even better structure for my work. I am still in close professional exchange with the OSINSTITUTE and other OSCOACHES.

    Dennis Morschel, Physiotherapist, Athletics Coach 1. FC Köln, OSCOACH since 2015
  • The OSINSTITUT's online seminar series is a great alternative for me to complete the OSCOACH education flexibly from home. The content is explained so well and in such a practical way that I can integrate what I have learned directly into my daily work. I especially like the alternation of lectures, practical examples and "doing it myself".

    Leon Römisch, Physiotherapist and Athletics Coach FC Bayern Basketball