FAQ Seminars

Who can participate in the OSCOACH education?

Our seminars adress physiotherapists, sports scientists, sports teachers and licensed trainers as well as doctors. After consultation, closely related professionals can also take part in our seminars.

Can I participate in the OSCOACH seminars as a student/trainee?

As a student or trainee in the fields of physiotherapy, sports science, medicine or physical education, you can participate in our seminars.

Which requirements do I need to fulfill?

We expect a certain level of expertise in the areas of anatomy and kinesiology as well as a basic understanding of the human musculoskeletal system. Specific advanced training is not necessary.

Do the seminars complement each other in terms of content?

Our modules in the areas of Prehab and Rehab are professionally related. However, the contents of the individual modules do not build on each other. Therefore, you can start the education to become an OSCOACH with the module of your choice. 

Is it possible to pay for the seminars in rates?

Can I pay for the seminars in rates?

Our seminars can also be paid in rates after consultation. The precondition for payment in rates is always that the last rate is paid before the start of the designated seminar. Please send us an e-mail in advance for this purpose.

Is there an exam after the seminar?

An exam is not part of the modules Prehab and Rehab. After attending both modules, you can take the final exam to become an OSCOACH.

When can I take the final exam to become an OSCOACH?

The final exam can be taken after completing the modules Prehab and Rehab. The exam can usually be booked immediately after the last seminar attended.