New ways

The Corona pandemic has accelerated a development which was already on our schedule: the expansion of the seminar system and our online offerings. In addition to classroom events, the complete education to become an OSCOACH is now available as online education.

Parallel to this, further specialist publications are being made, cooperations are being intensified, new ones are being established and internationalization is driven forward. In addition, the OSINSTITUT has established the Junior RTAAward for the promotion of young physiotherapists and sports scientists. The award is presented at the annual congresses of the OSINSTITUT, which have taken place every summer since 2013.

Performance expansion

The OSINSTITUT develops into one of the most renowned german training institutes in the field of physiotherapy and sports science. The seminar contents are successively expanding, always accompanied by research work, specialist publications and congress contributions are being made. In addition to the Return to Activity Algorithm (RTAA®) for the lower extremity, the RTAA® Upper Extremity and the RTAA® Spine are added. The OSINSTITUT sets new standards for functional and criteria-based recovery treatment.

In addition, expansion begins. The OSINSTITUT offers its educational courses for physiotherapists and sports scientists at an increasing number of locations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The number of certified OSCOACHes increases steadily and becomes international. OSCOACHes can now be found in Germany, Italy, Austria, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg and Switzerland.

The consultation of the OSINSTITUT is requested. Increasingly it provides its expertise to associations and societies in an advisory capacity. Funding agencies and partners from the industry also value the cooperation.

Founding of the OSINSTITUT

The content of the seminars is not only constantly being developed, but also an foundation for further education, research and counselling is being established. The OSINSTITUT was founded in 2013 and the seminar system was expanded. From now on, it consists of the two modules Prehab and Rehab with a total of two seminars. There are further specialist publications, including the Return to Activity Algorithm (RTAA®) for the lower extremity (Keller et al. (2016) Sporverl Sportschad).

A first in-house education at TSG 1899 Hoffenheim is the starting signal for a close cooperation of the OSINSTITUT with numerous clubs of the first and second football Bundesliga. Clubs and associations from other sports are to join later.

Identifying potentials

Already before the establishment of the OSINSTITUT, Matthias Keller taught at various further education institutes and was a guest lecturer at the Bavarian Football Association in addition to his work as a physiotherapist. He already focused on active therapy and rehabilitation after (sports) injuries and operations at that time. During his studies, the first ideas started to develop for treatment based not only on time guidelines, but also on functional and objective criteria.

Together with Oliver Schmidtlein, the first seminars and lecture started. The demand for further education - especially in the field of "functional training" - is significant, the offer is limited. And so, on 10 July 2010, the first functional training seminar is launched in German at the old Riem Airport in Munich. One year later, the seminars move to the Oberhaching Sports School. In order to meet the standards of functional rehabilitation, the first Functional Rehab seminar starts in September 2011.

In 2012, Eduard Kurz joins the team of lecturers and provides his scientific expertise. The first scientific publications follow. The idea of combining research and teaching continues to grow. The foundations of the OSINSTITUT are set in place.