OSINSTITUT is asking around (virtually)
Regular inhouse seminars for clubs and medical centres

The OSINSTITUT offers the contents of its seminar system as well as in-depth training on physiotherapeutic and sports science topics as inhouse seminars. The topics covered are individually adapted to the needs of the club or practice attended. Inhouse seminars can also be organised as online events. VfB Stuttgart recently made use of this offer.

Inhouse seminars train the entire team

"Regular inhouse seminars help us to train the entire team in a specific subject area. The fact that we have the possibility at the OSINSTITUT to adapt the contents exactly to our needs is incredibly helpful," says Martin Franz, Head of Prevention/Rehabilitation at VfB Stuttgart.

FC St. Gallen 1879 has also relied on cooperation with the OSINSTITUT in the past. "Further education is also essential for our physio and athletics department. Many thanks to the @osinstitut for the great cooperation. We are already looking forward to the next dates! #continuingeducation #osinstitut #fcsg," it once said on Instagram.

The OSINSTITUT is coming

The possibility of booking inhouse seminars is not only aimed at sports clubs, but is also explicitly suitable for practices and personal training studios. An inhouse seminar brings the entire team up to date in the areas of prevention, rehabilitation and return to sport. The concrete contents can be individually adapted.

The OSINSTITUT lecturers come to the club or practice, so there are no travel or accommodation costs for the staff. If a personal visit is not possible, the inhouse seminar can also take place as a virtual event. Interactive online seminars have become an integral part of the OSINSTITUT's offer - and are well received. "A big thank you for the online seminar. I was particularly enthusiastic about the format. I have never taken part in something like this before and was a little apprehensive at first. But it was fun and you did a great job," says physiotherapist and seminar participant Robin Rasch.

Topics are put together individually

The topics for in-house seminars are wide-ranging. They range from training and updates on the Return to Activity Algorithms (RTAA® Lower Extremity, Upper Extremity, Spine) and the PREHAB SCREEN® to detailed sports science and physiotherapy issues. Scapula dyskinesia and its treatment, the therapy of injuries to the lower extremity, tests and possibilities for structured control of a return to exertion in patients with (non-specific) back pain, for example, or the development and planning of on-field rehabilitation or training with a preventive orientation - the content is tailored to the needs of the practice or club in close consultation.

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